Guests and post welcome

No doorbell nameplate? Using the CASIO labelling systems, you can attach your name to any wall or door without leaving a mark. Printing a nameplate to attach to your mailbox ensures that your post makes it to the right recipient, while a "No advertising" sticker on the mailbox prevents unwanted junk mail.

Food labelling

Thyme or oregano? It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between herbs. A simple label on the spice jar creates clarity at a glance. Clearly identifying frozen food with a name and date can also prevent nasty surprises after thawing.

Practical on a daily basis

CASIO labelling systems come in handy wherever you wish to keep things tidy. At your desk, on the kitchen shelf or in the tool cellar, labels help you to find things quickly and to put them back in the right place. Labels on the fuse box and key hooks provide optimum guidance. And mixing up the remote controls is a thing of the past: "TV", "Music", "DVD player" — cleanly mounted labels provide assurance.

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