Overview in the IT field

Information Technology or data processing is perhaps the area where it is most important to maintain an overview. From network cables and server cabinets to telephone systems, the workplace is dominated by cables and connections. With the CASIO labelling systems, these connections and cables can be quickly, neatly and clearly identified. It is also easier to find data if the storage medium, such as hard drive, USB stick, CD, or DVD, is labelled correctly.

Safety on the construction site

Safety is of utmost importance where manual production and heavy machinery are involved. Using the CASIO labelling systems, warning notices and operating instructions such as "Danger: High voltage", "Never shut off" or "Only run at level 2" can be attached directly to the equipment. The correct work clothing also provides protection on the construction site. Helmets, gloves, overalls or reflective vests — a name tag effectively prevents colleagues mixing up their clothing. By labelling tools, tool boxes or screw storage boxes, everything is always close at hand. Clear labelling of plans, documents and supplier folders means you can keep it all nice and tidy in your workspace.

All under control in the warehouse

Even at the warehousing stage, workflows can be simplified by versatile labels — from sorting through to inventory. Simply enter the product name and EAN Code, print and label the shelves accordingly. It is also easy to mark the warehouse using practical labels, including identification of escape routes and fire extinguishers.

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